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My Back Story

Hello! My name is Doug VandenPlas and I came up with the My Toy Car City Building Set idea in my workshop at Laser Traditions Engraving & Gift.


The idea stemmed from a play table I made for my kids back in 2015. I needed something that would let their imagination flow and occupy them for hours at a time while I worked on building my business. More often than not, when a customer would stop by, they would comment on how awesome the play table was! Fast forward to November 20th, 2019, I came out with the first four sets; The Car Dealer, Mechanic Shop, Gas Station, and Fire/Police Station. 

The kids first set wasn't as detailed, expandable, or connectable. But after many hours of designing and a few prototypes, I came up with what you can buy today. Each set is extensively tested by my kids for durability and maximum imagin-uity!  

Building Set Testing Station #1

a.k.a - my kids play table!

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