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Parking Garage

$99 and free shipping!

Parking Garage Building Set

Looking for that next little project for you and your child? Try the NEW Parking Garage Building! The My Car City series I created is an interlocking network of buildings and roads that encourage your little ones imagination growth! DISCLAIMER: This set is a little more difficult to put together, please take your time and watch the assembly video.

Each building in my inventory is easily assembled within minutes and can be that way permanently with the included wood glue syringe. Assembly should be aided by an adult if using the wood glue.

Did some glue get somewhere it shouldn't be? No worries! The included wood glue can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth. The glue is water soluble and can be washed off your hands in the sink.

This set includes:

-Building parts

-Wood Glue Syringe

-Rubber Bands (for assembly)

Parking Garage Assembly Video

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